DroneBeacon FPV
Remote ID transponder

The DroneBeacon db122fpv is a so-called direct or broadcast Remote ID long-range transponder, that needs both an external GPS receiver and needs to be powered by the drone. It is low weight and designed for the FPV market, but can of course also be used for other drone applications as well. The db122fpv has two 6-pin Molex PicoBlade connectors. You need to connect a GPS receiver to the GPS IN port, such as the BN-880 GPS receiver. The module supports GPS receivers that output the NMEA or UBX (latest firmware) GPS protocol. The GPS OUT connector needs to be connected to the drone for power. The board will also relay the received GPS data to this GPS OUT port. Users have confirmed with works with Betaflight.

The db122fpv is compliant with the (upcoming) standards in the EU and USA. The FAA has approved the db122fpv for usage in the USA. Furthermore, the transponder supports all transmission protocols for maximum flexibility. There is a status LED to show the status and the db122fpv can be configured easy using any device, by pressing the configuration button and connect to the dronebeacon Access Point.


Users (in the USA) need to register their drone at the FAA website: https://www.faa.gov/uas/getting_started/register_drone  In the EU you need to enter the operator ID in the configuration settings.

Applications for the DroneBeacon Remote ID transponder

The db122 transponder is the perfect Remote ID add-on for drones that fly within visual line of sight (VLOS) and that have already an external GPS receiver.  Do you need a transponder with battery?  The DroneBeacon db120 will be a better choice. Do you need a RemoteID transponder with integrated GPS receiver? The DroneBeacon db121pcb is the db122fpv, but has a built-in GPS receiver. Do you want to integrate the transponder with your drone? The DroneBeacon db201 MAVLink will be a better choice.

Specifications db122fpv

FAA approval


NDAA compliant

components are not on the NDAA blacklist

Short-range radio

Bluetooth and WiFi 2.4GHz, output power (ERP): + 20 dBm (100 mW)


external GPS receiver. It supports GPS receivers that output NMEA or UBX (u-blox protocol)


3 dBi WLAN/BLE antenna (IPEX connector)


6-pin Molex PicoBlade connector; voltage range: 4.5 – 15 V

GPS connectors

2x 6-pin Molex PicoBlade connectors: GPS IN and GPS OUT: SDA, GND, TX, RX, Vcc, SCL

LED lights

status, configuration mode

Fastening mechanism

double sided 3M sticker

Operating temperature

-5°C to +40°C


28 x 28 x 4 mm


4 grams (including antenna, excluding other cables)