UTM integration
of DroneScout receivers

Remote ID signals that are captured by one or more DroneScout receivers can be visualized real-time on a map. For this we have developed a portal solution. This solution also support uploading data to UTM platforms. UTM means Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management. It is a platform that manages the drone airspace in an area. Similar to traffic air control for regular airplanes. Our solution uploads the captured Remote ID signals and the UTM platform displays those accordingly.

Key specifications are:

  • Real-time visualization

    Real-time visualization, typically within 1 second after reception of the Remote ID signal by a DroneScout receiver

  • MQTT

    Integrated MQTT broker to provide a turn-key solution.

  • UTM integration

    integration with UTM provider Altitude Angel. This means that the Remote ID signals are pushed real-time to the Altitude Angel platform.

UTM integration for DroneScout receivers