What is Remote ID?

Remote Identification or Remote ID, is a wireless number plate to identify nearby drones. It contains basic information like operator, purpose and current position. Most importantly, the EU and USA are planning new rules that make so-called direct or broadcast Remote ID mandatory for most drones over 250 grams weight. The Remote ID information that drones broadcast can be used by general public, law enforcement, but also drones themselves to give better awareness of the airspace around them.


Remote ID products for drones

We offer (direct/broadcast) Remote ID transponders and receivers. DroneBeacon is an add-on (transponder) for drones which broadcasts Remote ID beacon signals. DroneScout is a professional receiver that detects Remote ID signals of nearby drones up to several km distance.

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Remote ID transponder

  • International compliance

    Compliant with upcoming international drone regulations in the EU and USA for (direct/broadcast) Remote ID.

  • Long Range

    DroneBeacon has been designed for a long detection distance; more than 5 km with professional receivers.

  • All transmission protocols

    DroneBeacon supports all Remote ID transmission protocols for maximum flexibility.

  • Perfect add-on

    The small Remote ID MAVLink module can be directly connected to your Cube Orange using a TELEM or  CAN port.


Remote ID receiver

  • Long Range

    Optimized for long range detection. The detection range is more than 5 km.

  • International compliance

    Compliant with upcoming international drone regulations in the EU and USA for (direct/broadcast)  Remote ID.

  • Weatherproof

    DroneScout is weatherproof (IP67) and can be safely installed outdoor. A mast mount is provided for installation to a pole mast or wall.

zoomed front view of DroneScout - Remote ID receiver for drones
  • Triple band

    Detection of Remote ID signals in all frequency bands: 2.4, 5.2 and 5.8 GHz,

  • All transmission protocols

    Supports all Remote ID transmission protocols to allow maximum detection of drones with Remote ID enabled.

  • Easy integration

    Reference source code how to process DroneScout data, is available for easy integration. Also you have full (root) access to the receiver.


Other products

RF sensor

Drones without Remote ID signal, can be detected with DroneScout RF receiver. It detects drones with a real time video link near your house, office or other location by looking for drone signals in the RF spectrum.


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UTM integration

Remote ID signals of DroneScout receivers can be visualized real-time on a map using our portal solution. In addition, the portal can push Remote ID signals to UTM providers. Currently, we support the Altitude Angel platform.


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DroneBeacon MAVLink

DroneBeacon MAVLink is a transponder without battery and GPS, but can interface directly via a drone using the MAVLink protocol via an UART port. Support for ArduPilot is expected in release 4.3.0


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All prices are displayed without VAT (21% for the Netherlands) and shipping costs.  If you need larger quantities or your country is not available for shipping, please contact us or go to our company website. Unsure which product you need? Most customers that have a legacy drone, need the db120 transponder with battery. Other Remote ID products are for drone manufacturers or DIY enthusiasts. Our db153fpv module is the smallest RemoteID product only 2 gram and 19 by 14 mm. Sign up to our newsletter to receive new product launches or firmware updates in your inbox.

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