This page discusses the technical background information of DroneScout. It is intended for people with an IT background.


How does an alarm message look like? Alarm types

DroneScout offers two types of alarms:

  1. daily briefing by email
  2. realtime alarms via MQTT

Daily briefing

Each morning a daily briefing arrives in your inbox with the drone activity of the last 24 hours.

Below an example daily briefing is show. It contains several blocks.

  1. detected drones including start and stop time and other details.
  2. downtime of the sensor. This section shows per hour interval which sensor has been offline.

Realtime alarms

Realtime alarms are sent via MQTT. MQTT is a protocol for publishing and retrieving sensor data. MQTT allows easy integration into third party dashboards. Also MQTT clients exists for most platforms (like Windows, Linux, Android, iOS)

Below several example alarm types are shown. Sections are:

  • type: can be alarm, status or alarm summary. Alarm is a real-time alarm message.
  • sensor: details about the sensor in the field that detected the drone.
  • gps: optional GPS details
  • zone: the zone to which the sensor is attached, like “garden”
  • project: the project to which the zone is attached. Typically this is a location.
  • data: the message data. It contains the data of the message.

Product Specifications


Components of BlueScout Product offering


Each customer will receive pre-configured sensors, that only need to be connected to power and internet using Power over Ethernet (PoE, 802.3af).









Price model

The price model consists of buying the sensor and a monthly fee. Typically the sensor will cost between € 950 and € 1500 and the monthly fee will be between € 35 to € 50 per sensor. There is a price tier for larger quantities.


For every customer, a new user is created on the DroneScout portal, that can be accessed under Here, the customer can configure and manage sensors and alarms.










Also the product can be offered as a white label product or be integrated into your product offering. Please contact us for more information.